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Franchise Incubator Accelerator 

A  Franchise Incubator Accelerator provides a business model development and equity capital funding service for high growth companies. This Franchise Incubator Accelerator was established as a one-stop shop for business owners who need both business model development and equity capital funding. The Incubator Accelerator shortens the time between concept conceived  and when the venture reaches the marketplace ready to conduct business. All accepted projects begin with a General Business Model Plan template which is used to build a Certified Business Model that can be developed into franchises. The Franchise Incubator Accelerator includes a private network, of services. The enrollment fees may include a percentage of equity in the company being developed; there are other up front charges for transforming a Certified Business Model into a Franchise. Importantly, the Incubator Accelerator helps small business owners’ by-pass banks and other traditional lending institutions, allowing them to go directly to investors.


Dot-Com Business Incubator

The Virtual Business Incubator System is a major part of a Business Model & Franchise Model Development Program. It provides business development services from concept to franchising. This is a private business development service that provides assistance to entrepreneurs and others who need a comprehensive Business Model Plan to present to a potential lending institutions and/or equity capital funding sources. The Virtual Business Incubator System include three types of online Incubators: Dot-Com Business Incubators, Exporters Incubator of America and MicroBusiness Development Incubators The Dot-Com Business Incubator offers comprehensive business development services to three types of business models with a development package for each. Dot-Com Business Incubator can generate a Custom Business Model Plan, which can be presented to financial institutions and private investors. Dot-Com Business Incubator is accessible to anyone with a computer and internet access: allowing business developers and other support associates, attached to incubators, to assist business owners and subscribers who use this service.


Business Model Plan

The Business Model Plan is the first step for new entrepreneurs and existing business owners seeking equity funding. This step lets the business owner assemble information starting with the basic business and marketing planning process. Business development modules, allow all information gathered, to fit neatly into the finished Business Model Plan. Once, printed these plans will help in the second stage of the business model development process where outside help maybe required. On the other hand, this 1st stage of the business model building process may be skipped by a client that has already completed a business and marketing plan before enrollment.


The 1st type of model - is a General Business Model: This plan is compiled “unaided”, Entrepreneurs can build this model themselves. The 2nd type of model -  is an Endorsement Model Package that allows subscribers to select and assemble their own Business Development Team from a list of pre-qualified professionals or they can select them as needed. Dot-Com Business Development Team members can also assist clients with team selection, if they subscribe to this level of service. The 3rd type of model - is the "Certifying" of Business Models and Franchises. Certification is provided by 3rd party verifying organizations that test the core concept and business structure in the actual marketplace. Business owners, who select to have their business model certified, use a Business Trade Organizations such as: the National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) or the Micro Business Enterprise Association (MBEA).