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Secondary Career Options and Business Skill Training Opportunities

Secondary Career Options are used to supplement your primary source of income. This can also be used with  a business where the owner is not quite ready to replace their primary source of income, so they are running the business  part-time. 

Equity Capital Manager

Equity Capital Managers are independent financial professionals that have the exclusive rights to present Certified Business and Franchise Model Packages to investment groups for funding. Equity Capital Managers have the authority to establish equity capital investment funding groups.

Certified Condo Converter

Certified Condo Converters specialize in converting properties such as shopping centers, warehouse spaces, office buildings and low and middle income apartment buildings into Affordable Condominiums or Commercial Business Properties. There are two types of Condo Converters: Residential - converting buildings into Affordable Condominiums. Commercial - converting buildings into commercial unit properties owned by business enterprises.

Franchise Territory Developer

A Franchise Territory Developer is capable of managing regional territory development projects. A Franchise Territory is made up of investment groups and individual investors who want to market and sell authorized territory with an established number of independent franchise outlets. These territories can be as large as a county or as small as a city or town. Territory boundaries are determined by zip codes and the cost is determined by the estimated number of independent franchises that can be sold in a selected territory. A Franchise Territory Developer can establish a Franchise Territory Management System in a newly selected area for independent franchise outlets;  owned and operate more than one franchise outlet in the network.

Certified Business Developer

Business developers are project leaders who work directly with owners who are developing business models and franchises. They help enrolled business owners gather and prioritize their marketing strategies, manage research information and consult business owners with successful business models that can be converted into franchises.

Business developers are also involved in the recruiting and training of professional and practical consultants as members of  business development teams, which are attached to Business Development Incubators and Private Equity Centers. Individuals with a strong background in providing assistance to entrepreneurs can join the incubators as a Business Developer. Once certified they are attached to business development incubators where they assist in building and certifying business models and franchises.

Certified International Trader

Certified International Traders are exporters and importers that are trained to secure exclusive territorial and marketing rights from manufacturers. Successful international traders can choose to stay and work in the International Trader's Network or start their own international trade business. Successful Traders must have a basic understanding of trading, possess special leadership qualities and are selected based on their own background and experience.


  Franchise Marketing Associate

Franchise Marketing Associates help business owners who want to expand beyond their local markets. They also can teach seminars, workshops, and play an important role in referring successful business models for franchise development. Franchise Marketing Associate have exclusive marketing rights to promote business models and franchises in the network.

MicroBusiness Teacher

Do you love teaching and have the background to teach and convey small business valuables, life changing information and new business strategy courses. Microbusiness Teachers and Consultants teach individuals who enroll in Secondary Career and Business Skill Training Courses. They are also available to  teach courses outside of the Equity Capital Access Network. Once certified in the career field you have chosen, you can teach in other  secondary career courses including in the field of international trade.