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When the Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange becomes a Franchise it will be housed in a Private Equity Capital Center which includes special business development teams, franchise incubator accelerators, virtual business development incubators, and the Small & Medium Enterprise Investment Exchange. Private Equity Capital Centers form key parts of a Global Cities Project that connects major cities worldwide through global business and international trade.  

Today, there are major gaps between the times a business concept is conceived and when a product or service reaches the marketplace ready to be sold. The lack of a clear path to growth for small business owners in the United States can be traced to the lack of access to private equity capital for business ventures in their embryonic stages. Until now, there were no private sector Infrastructures in local communities that could provide assistance to existing business owners and new entrepreneurs with early stage startups that need access to equity and venture capital funding.

The Private Equity Market, for early stage start-ups will bring equity investments to ordinary people. Unlike other capital markets, this small business equity market needs a development and support infrastructure that can develop and certify business models and franchises, before they are offered for funding. Since an embryonic business venture has no track record that an investor can review, these early stage ventures need to be developed in a Business Formation Incubator that builds Business Formation Models, before equity funding is provided. Private Equity Capital is an alternative funding source for early stage start-ups. A business development incubator system with module configurations for formation and development incubators can build a business venture from an embryonic business stage to a franchise business system.


Virtual Business Franchise Investment Exchange

The European Union (EU) is now considered the home of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for Small & Medium Enterprise Investment Exchanges. In London and Johannesburg South Africa, the exchanges are being attached to existing Public Stock Exchanges as an Alternative Investment Exchange. AIM was first established in London is 2005, thereby making it one of the largest in the world. Currently, there are more than 3,000 companies enrolled in AIM compared to China where they are simply known as over the counter stock. In China at the time they only had 200 companies in their SME Investment Exchanges. However, in 2013 the Chinese changed the laws in order to expand access to small business owners and small investors. In India, they are known as Small and Medium size Enterprise Exchanges and are currently established in cities of Mumbai and Bombay. Since, SME Investment Exchanges are being established in countries with 2/3 of the worldwide population. SMEs Investment Exchanges will someday be larger than all the existing public stock exchanges in London, Tokyo, New York and other cities combined.

Private Sector Business Infrastructure

The United States is finally allowing non-accredited investors to invest in early stage business ventures, for the first time, since the 1930s. Thanks, to Title III of the Jobs Act that was signed into law by President Obama, on April 5, 2012. Traditionally you had to be an accredited investor with a net worth of $1 million dollars or more to participate in private equity investing. The new law establishes the conditions for a Private Equity Market, for early stage start-ups.   The first step in the process is to build a private sector business infrastructure in to fund early stage business ventures in major cities where more than 5 billion people will live by 2030. The SME Investment Exchange was established to accommodate the large number of non-accredited investors that will enter the private equity market. Industry researchers and the World Bank estimated that crowd funding generated $5.1 billion in funding transactions in 2013 and will surpass $300 billion by 2025.