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Endorsement Access Program

The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange offers an Endorsement Access Program for companies that share our long term objectives of reaching the Non-Accredited Investment Market. This new investment market was established in the United States by Title III of the Jobs Act on April 5, 2012. Before the new law ordinary people were band from investing in early stage business ventures for more than 80 years.

Early Stage Franchising is an Advanced Business System that represents the future growth of new start-ups that acquire equity and/or venture capital funding. Early Stage Franchising is a major part of the Private Sector Business Infrastructure needed to reach non-accredited investors that will be entering the Private Equity Market. 

The Endorsement Access Program can help qualified companies to build a long term relationship with Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). They are the world largest business group, they  create more than 70% all new jobs. If this is your target market, this program can help you to develop a strategy to both educate and offer your companies products and services to one of the wealthiest segments of the U.S. population. You maybe eligible to participate in the investment conference that we host in both domestic and foreign cities. The Non-Accredited Investment Market also includes Independent and Major Service Providers, which supply development and support assistance to this new market. The World banks and others have predicted that when the new law goes into affect, non-accredited will increase from the current number of 2 million to more than 50 million. 


Independent & Major Service Providers

Independent & Major Service Providers offer quality products & Services for use in local markets. Member companies are invited to participate in our advance marketing campaigns, including special events, and direct marketing campaigns. Independent & Major Service Providers who qualify for membership in our Priority Bid Right Program are designated to an area defined by zip codes. This makes them eligible to bid on development, marketing and support projects, as soon as they are identified and before outside bids are sought! The Priority Bid Right Program includes other Business Development Teams that build Certified Business Models and Franchises. There are other business development services these providers assistance for business owners with such as: Business Model Plan writing.


   Circle Marketing Program

Picking the right niche market has been a major problem for companies who do not have an active plan to interact with large niche market groups regularly. Circle marketing allows a business to reach potential customers via different media such as: direct mail, special events, Internet marketing, as well as group referrals. Circle marketing begans with each member providing a one-of-a-kind product or service to the circle. Circle marketing members are selected based on the products and services they provide.  This allows a diversified group to form and target the same clients without conflicts. .

Circle marketing partners are selected based on how well they can help attract consumers to the circle. Each participant must carry their own weight and be willing to share new clients with the group in a collective marketing effort. Successful groups have their own methods of reaching targeted group. Some use monthly mailers, newspaper & magazine ads and purchase mailing lists to reach their target group. Perhaps the most valuable asset the Business Marketing Circle has is its accumulated mailing lists.