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Equity & Venture Capital SourceBanks 

In the past when entrepreneurs wanted venture capitalists to consider their business concepts for funding, they had to send business plans to strangers and compete with others seeking the same funding source. SourceBanks are part of a major Equity Capital Access Network for private investors and venture capital firms. SourceBanks are an important part of the Equity Capital Access Network for private investors and venture capital firms.

There are two private SourceBanks attached to franchise investment exchanges, one specializes in equity capital investments and the other in venture capital projects. The Equity Capital SourceBanks offer a variety of equity funding packages to small business owners, and others that are seeking capital to start or grow a business venture. The Equity Capital SourceBank may be run virtually, or can be operated out of a physical office where it can assist in the funding of Certified Business Models and Franchises. Equity & Venture Capital SourceBanks provide investment capital access to business owners and new entrepreneurs seeking an alternative funding source. These funding sources provide both equity and venture capital instead of debt financing. They allow small business owners to locate funds to grow their business in one step instead of searching endlessly for equity or venture capital sources.

SourceBanks are easily accessible, however they will only accept applications from business owners with business model plans and third party verified business models or franchises. The Venture Capital SourceBanks are privately operated and offer services to small business owners that need third party verified business models.  They also assist entrepreneurs with start-up ventures provided they have a written Business Model Plan.

Power of Collective Investing

The Power of Collective Investing for non-accredited investors will have a major impact on Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). SME Investment Exchanges are establishing branches in major cities throughout the world. This new financial system will conduct transactions over the Internet doing away with the need for a traditional bank  in a physical location. New institutions will spring up to accommodate small investors that make contributions using crowd funding donations and business formation grants. These early stage investors will need new more financially flexible institutions such as the Equity & Venture Capital SourceBanks.

The funding will allow small investors to join either an Equity or Venture Capital SourceBank.  Collective Funding Institutions will help small investors compete with large investment firms while remaining independent to conduct investing alone. Collective investing works well with early stage franchising because franchising has a predictable business structure. Collective investing can be a new method of investing for non-accredited investors that are members in a SME Investment Exchange.

Angel Investors

In the early stage of a company’s financial life, after friends and family have been asked for an initial stake, comes angel capital, a name derived from the ‘angels’ who fund Broadway Plays. These individual investors, often successful entrepreneurs themselves, who back newcomers starting out as they once did, on a smile and a "shoeshine". Angel Investors know what industries they like to invest in, and at what stage of a company’s growth they are looking for. Today’s investor even considers where the company is located and how much experience the management team had before they considered an investment.




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